The Home of the Arts in the Hill Country


Our grateful thanks to all our Members



Platinum Benefactor of the Arts

  • Paul and Betty Motheral

Patron of the Arts

  • Billy and Juan Helms

Advocate of the Arts

  • Karan Noecker and Earl Chancellor
  • Debra Starnes and David Lindsay

Supporter of the Arts

  • Donna and John Curtis
  • Joe and Jeanne Gillen
  • Madeleine and Ed Manigold
  • Cathy Ols
  • Hayden and Johanna Winkler

Friends of the Arts

  • Charles Anderson
  • Elizabeth Blount and David Hoge
  • Joy Castner
  • Janet and Richard Crow
  • Mary Lee Duley
  • Laurie Foss
  • Erin Fulton
  • Terrel and Paul Griffin
  • Laurie and Jeff Hall
  • Kathy Jamison
  • Dan and Ellie McLachlin
  • Bruce and Judy Mills
  • Joe and Jeanette Murphy
  • Cynthia and Barry Nelms
  • Laura Paxton
  • Paula Richards
  • Janey Richardson
  • Diane Senter
  • Amy Shipherd