The Home of the Arts in the Hill Country


Our grateful thanks to all our Donors



  • Nancy Schultze 
  • Paula Richards 
  • Terrel and Paul Griffin 
  • Joe and Jeanette Murphy
  • Kathy Jamison 

Donors at the 2018 Fundraiser:

  • Barry and Sandra Bearden
  • Dan and Michaela Black
  • Kirk and Karen Champion
  • Earl Chancellor and Karen Noecker
  • Harvey and Mary Beth Cody
  • John and Donna Curtis
  • Rosemary DeHaven
  • Jose and Gerianne DeLeon
  • Phil and Polly Diebel
  • Ron Dingwall
  • Don and Mary Lee Duley
  • Gary and Janet Eakes
  • Joe and Jeanne Guillen
  • Jeff and Laurie Hall
  • Billy and Juan Helms
  • Jon and Jennie Holzapfel
  • Clint and Mary Ann Jurgens
  • Brad and Margaret Krall
  • Toby and Martin Kurtz
  • Jim and Sabine Lamar
  • Dave Lindsay and Debbie Starnes
  • Gary and Leah Martin
  • Kent and Carol Mason
  • Dan and Ellie McLachlin
  • Chris and Debbie Opdahl
  • Rich and Debbie Paterson
  • Don and Paula Patteson
  • Janey Richardson
  • Steve and Erin Seavall
  • Gary and Candy ShanksScott and Debbie Sherrill
  • Dale and Elaine Stotts
  • The Square Grooves
  • Wayne Wagner and Valentina Ovalle
  • Hayden and Johanna Winkler
  • Mark and Pam Winter
  • Robert and Anne Wotzak